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Tree Services

If you’re searching for the best in tree care, the professional arborists at Phenomenal Tree Service in the Greater Chicago Area are the team for you.

We offer some of the best and most talented arborists in the business to preserve and care for your beloved trees.

Our arborists are fully certified, with in-depth knowledge of the health of your trees and shrubs.

The Phenomenal Tree Service arborists have been instrumental in preserving some of the most important landmarks in Chicago, and our work can be seen in some of the most prestigious botanical gardens in the area.

Whether you’re looking for straight maintenance or dealing with urgent issues such as sick or injured trees or property safety concerns, our talented arborists are there.

At Phenomenal Tree Services we offer:

As we all know, tree removal can be dangerous if done without the proper expertise and equipment– a falling tree can do catastrophic damage, or worse, cause injury and even death.

At Phenomenal, our highly skilled and fully insured team is on call around the clock to help with all your maintenance or emergency needs.

Call today to find out how Phenomenal Tree Service can serve you!