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Stump Removal/ Grinder

Phenomenal Tree Service provides fast and complete stump removal services, including the removal of difficult roots.

If you thought tree removal looked complex, it pales in comparison with stump removal– the amount of work involved in properly removing a stump is the reason so many people still have old stumps on their property.

Why is Stump Removal Important?

There are several reasons.

Stumps can create issues such as tripping hazards, or damage to lawn mowers and other yard equipment, which can get expensive.

Let’s face it– an old, rotting stump doesn’t exactly lend any aesthetic value to your property, in fact it’s probably quite the opposite. Getting rid of old stumps can go a long way toward improving the look of your property and ultimately, it’s value.

Stumps also take up valuable space, and unless you have an enormous yard, your space is important.

Removing Your Stumps

Depending on the stump, special techniques may be required for removal. For example coniferous stumps tend to be much simpler to remove than deciduous.

Coniferous tree roots are often shallow, flat and wide, as opposed to the long, deep roots of a deciduous.

The age of a tree, as well as the size also tend to be good determinants of how difficult a stump will be to remove. The older a stump, the easier it will be to take out, whereas smaller stumps make removal easier than large ones.

Stump Removal Methods:

Chemical Removal: Chemical removal can be done once the stump has been trimmed down as small as possible– generally to about 10-12 inches deep. After trimming, the stump is drilled with holes and stump removal chemicals are poured in. These chemicals make the stump spongy and soft, which facilitates removal.

Stump Routing: This method involves the use of stump grinding equipment to grind the stump down to 3-6 inches below ground level.