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Tree Planting Service

At Phenomenal Tree Service, we’re the Chicago experts on planting, maintaining and preserving trees.

Our knowledgeable staff and professional grade equipment allows us to facilitate the successful planting and growth of healthy trees on your property.

At Phenomenal Tree Service, we can advise on:

  • The types of trees to plant
  • The distance required between trees and other trees and plants on your property
  • Factors around drainage, watering and shade

Our staff will ensure that any trees planted on your property are able to thrive and live long, healthy lives, which adds aesthetic value to any home.

Planting trees can be expensive and complex, and the results can directly affect the value of your property. Many tree plantings fail for a number of reasons, ranging from improper planting to insufficient water, harmful conditions and more.

At Phenomenal, our team is experienced in selecting both the right tree for you and the best location and planting techniques to ensure long-term stability and wellbeing of your trees.

Our arborists are capable of expert planting with any species of tree, meaning we’ll help you choose the best type of tree for your landscape, while taking into consideration soil conditions, the local climate and of course your property goals.

Looking to plant some trees? Contact Phenomenal today to schedule a consultation.