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Tree Trimming or Pruning

At Phenomenal Tree Service, our team of professionals will help your property look it’s best with our professional pruning services.

There are several reasons to engage in regular trimming of both trees and shrubs, including:

Safety: Safety from both property damage and personal injury are important reasons to hire a professional to prune your trees and bushes.

In the case where branches or limbs grow too close to power lines, never try pruning them yourself! Always call the utilities company, and they’ll handle the problem safely and professionally.

Appearance: Regular pruning can help keep bushes and trees looking their best– by trimming branches to help maintain the natural shape of the tree, you’ll keep your property looking neat and tidy.

Always remember to keep pruning to the natural shape of the bush or tree– attempting to force an unnatural shape can cause severe damage.

Health: There are cases where a tree may be saved through pruning dead or diseased limbs or branches– thinning the tree can help to increase airflow.

Rubbing or crossed branches also pose the risk of falling, and should also be pruned or trimmed away.

As with any type of maintenance, recording the date of pruning so that it can be carried out on a regular basis is important.

Pruning During Winter

Pruning while the tree is dormant is often considered best practice, as it promotes a healthy and intense growth in spring. The best results are normally achieved by pruning after the coldest part of the winter has passed.

While some species may ‘bleed’ sap when trimmed, this will not result in any lasting harm to the tree and will stop once the tree begins to bloom– this is common in species such as maple, birch and walnut trees.

Pruning in the Summer Months

Pruning during the summer allows for some control over growth by allowing you to slow the growth of certain branches. This is known as dwarfing the development of the branch or tree.

For best results, this should be done once the seasonal growth of the tree has concluded for the year. This reduces the leaf surface, which in turn reduces the food that is produced and directed to the roots.

Pruning during the summer months is also done for corrective reasons.

For example, defective or hanging limbs can be seen and tended to.

When to Refrain from Trimming

Never prune or trim in the fall months– during the fall, the fungi that causes decay spread their spores. Healing of wounds also slows at this time of year.

Note: Trees that bloom or flower during the spring months should always be pruned after their flowers fade- for those that flower in mid to late summer, pruning should take place in either winter or the early spring months.